About Us


ZW Group started its journey with ZW Packaging Sdn Bhd  in 2008 as a packaging solution provider and has grown to become the most dynamic integrated total packaging manufacturing company in Malaysia. By instilling the strong corporate values of diligence, hard work, integrity, respect, trust, and the ‘customers come first’ principle, today the focal point of ZW’s business is design and developments, provide enhance services and Supply Chain Management to our customers.

We are expert in JIT (Just in Time), consignment and VMI (Vendor Manage Inventory) services. Our comprehensive and flexible manufacturing facility allows us to help global brands gain better control on their high mixed low volume or high-volume products that are packaged and shipped. 

We support Multinational company on localization project to reduce their cycle times and Minimum Order Quantity

ZW Group offers a comprehensive in-house solution for corrugated packaging, complete with customized printing and converting processes, providing our clients with a one-stop tailored packaging solution

ZW Group offers integrated services encompassing packaging, crating, heavy lifting, and logistics, providing a one-stop solution for a wide range of industrial range with the establishment of ZW Woodzone & Mover Sdn Bhd and ZW Transcargo Sdn Bhd.  


ZW Group Labor and Ethics Policy

ZW Group is committed to provide a working environment where the human rights of workers are upheld and employees are treated with dignity and respect. ZW management and all of its employees shall be responsible in conducting business activities in accordance with the ZW Code of Business Conduct (the "Code"), the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct ("RBA Code"), and local Human Resources (HR) policies.


ZW Group is committed to conduct its business in an honest and professional manner and uses the Code as its guide to promote compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations and the prompt reporting of possible Code violations. ZW shall monitor its working environment and business conduct and will update the Code with new and amended laws and regulations as required. ZW shall communicate its labor and ethics policies and initiatives to employees and, where practicable, other stakeholders. ZW shall encourage our subcontractors and suppliers to adopt similar labor and ethics policies and practices. ZW shall establish and implement objectives, targets, and programs to improve our working environment and conduct audits and reviews, when appropriate, to ensure adherence to this policy.


ZW Group Occupational Safety and Health Policy

As a leading one-stop total packaging solution provider, ZW Group is committed to provide a safe and healthy work conditions for all workers who performing work-related activities that are under the control of the organization, in order to prevent work-related injury and ill health.


Towards direction of achieving excellence performance in occupational safety and health, ZW Group is committed:

  • To fulfill legal and other requirements to which are associated with our work-related activities;
  • To eliminate occupational hazards, reduce occupational health and safety risks by using hierarchy of control;
  • To promote an active mechanism of consultation and participation of workers related with occupational health and safety.

ZW Group Environmental Policy 

ZW is committed to provide high environmentally friendly products to the customers, and to be fully committed to fulfill the customer needs for environmental management system through the following:

  •  Committed to comply with all applicable environmental legal and other requirements.
  • Continually improve the Environmental Management System by setting objectives and targets to enhance environmental conservation.
  • Adopt a culture towards reducing and minimizing waste generation by implementing 3Rs Method.
  • All operations are assessed and actions taken to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Ensure energy consumption efficiency in all operations.
  • In order to ensure effective implementation of this policy, the policy is made available to all employees, visitors, vendors, public and any other interested parties.


  • Zero Case of Legal Environmental Issue
  • Zero Case of Chemical Spillage / Leakage
  • Max. 0.3% of Electricity Consumption over Total Revenue